Centurion Card Devaluation Continues

On June 1st, 2015,  American Express enhanced its Premier Rewards Gold Card, adding more value with 2x Membership Rewards points for purchases at U.S. restaurants, a $100 airline fee credit for incidental charges such as baggage fees, and a personalized travel service.  Card Members will also no longer pay foreign transaction fees when spending abroad.

In addition to the added benefits mentioned above, Premier Rewards Gold Card Members will continue to receive:

  • 3x Membership Rewards points on flights purchased directly from airlines
  • 2x Membership Rewards points for purchases at U.S. gas stations and U.S. supermarkets
  • Access to The Hotel Collection, a roster of more than 350 of our Card Members’ favorite properties around the world; Card Members are eligible for a $75 hotel amenities credit and a room upgrade if available

The new annual fee for the Premier Rewards Gold Card will be $195 effective June 1, 2015 and allow Card Members to add up to 5 Additional Cards to a Premier Rewards Gold Card account at no additional cost.

While these changes are welcomed for the Premier Rewards Gold Card, Centurion Card holders are left wondering why the Centurion Card program continues to spiral downwards with no end in sight.

Centurioners are supposed to be Amex’s most elite clients but these days it sure doesn’t feel like it.  Log into our Centurion Card Members area to let us know what changes you would like to see in the near future for your Centurion Card.

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